Sunday, 12 June 2011

The sauna and the sling

I was a bit nervous for some reason. Had never been like that before with the thought of Simon and I going to a sauna together, but this time almost had butterflies in my stomach. We went to the Oxford pub for a couple of drinks, and after that the nerves were much less. Decided on a nearer one than what we'd planned, as that one was way down on Sussex st and a fair walk from the pub, the weather still cold and raining in Sydney. Kingsteam has a wet and a dry sauna, hot tubs, showers, and all the other things you find in a sex club. Including a sling room.

I hadn't been there for some time. Simon had been there a while back, but, um, didn't remember much about it..... So anyway we walked down from the pub and up the stairs to the entrance, paid the money and were given lockers right near each other. I always like the feeling of getting undressed at the locker in those places, especially this time as it was nice and warm inside and looking forward to getting in a bubbling hot tub and sauna. When we were changed into just towels, I showed Simon around a bit, and we both warmed up in a hot tub. He also liked the wet sauna room but I find it too hot in there and a bit claustrophobic. Then we went to the sling room. 

This of course was what we'd been wanting to do for a while. He wanted to screw me in a sling. I do like the whole sling idea. One guy I knew had one he could get out and hang from his bedroom ceiling. You lie in it on your back, and it's just the right height for whoever's screwing you. It has straps to put your feet in if your in there for a while and get tired. The room there is dark with minimal lighting. So we finally do it, after all the anticipation and nervousness. I like the experience of Simon being there, it was hugely erotic. Very different from any other anonymous person because of the way we feel about each other. We love each other, and the sex we have because of that goes to another level. 

After a while another guy came in (Simon had purposefully left the door ajar) and the new guy started fucking me, whilst Simon came around and I sucked his dick. This was another hugely erotic thing for me, and I guess one of the things that I'd been nervous about. I know we'd talked about it and both liked the idea, but how exactly would each of us feel seeing the other being fucked by someone else? And what after the initial fuck between Simon and I, do we walk around the club after that both together, or separately? Would we be happy with each other going off alone for a bit and having sex with other people? Gladly, I was worrying about nothing. Simon asked me when the other guy was screwing "How does that feel darling?" And with that short sentence it was all OK.

After a bit the other guy came around too and I sucked him, and he ended up screwing Simon too in front of me. Contrary to popular opinion, I found that a big turn on. Now I understood why Simon liked watching someone else screw me. Hard to explain why, other than you know the sort of feelings and pleasure he's having out of the experience. Later we both went off seerately to find other people, and we decided to leave about 2 hours later. He could have stayed on, but I'd (for a change) ended up having quite a bit of sex and was ready to go. We sat in the hot tub and hugged each other, me noting that the sex with others just wasn't like it was between me and him. We loved each other, and that made the sex different. Close and caring. 

Had a beer again at the Oxford and then went home. Straight to bed as both tired, and then had the most beautiful and close sex. For some reason the sauna accentuated that closeness; highlighted our love for each other. Almost like the sauna was simply foreplay before this closeness in my bed. It was lovely, holding and kissing, feeling our bodies close to each other,  expressing our feelings to each other via sex. 

The whole night was a new, interesting, and wonderful experience. It won't be one I'll forget.