Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The Republican lie of a weak US military

Trump in his so called foreign policy bla the other day, asserted that the US military needs to be "rebuilt". I've not bothered to put myself through the sheer torture of listening to a droning fool make statement after statement of mind numbing stupidity. However this is his quote from his thing saying thus about the US military:
[W]e have to rebuild our military and our economy. The Russians and Chinese have rapidly expanded their military capability, but look at what’s happened to us. … Our military dominance must be unquestioned, and I mean unquestioned, by anybody and everybody. Disinfo
Like I said, mind numbing stupidity. Last year the US spend more than the next 11 countries combined on it's military. Seven of those are it's allies. This is supposed to be some kind of military that needs to be "rebuilt"?
Disinfo puts a much better take on the military's perceived weakness, in that the weakness lies in rebuilding countries after they've flattened them; something they were never supposed to do in the first place.
Candidates tend to focus on whichever metric best suits their preferred policy. By looking at the military from all three perspectives at once, though, we can get a more nuanced view of American military capabilities. 

Thanks largely to the effects of waging simultaneous wars for over a decade, the American military is not at peak readiness. Even so, it remains the premier fighting force in the world. 

If the trend of using military forces to achieve political ends like nation-building continues and military efficacy is judged by the results, however, America will continue to struggle to achieve its foreign policy aims. More spending on bombs and bullets will do little to change this outcome. 

A better, and cheaper, investment would be in the skills, knowledge and resources needed to follow up military victories with durable political settlements, to anticipate terrorist attacks and to dry up support for terrorist organizations. Disinfo