Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Trump gets owned by NRA - US

Firstly, WTF is going on with that Trump wanabe NRA guy hair thing there?

I've been casually watching Trump bla about this and that for some time now, without really giving the slightest fuck as my impression was that he's a no hoper who has no chance of the White House. But then yesterday I read of a poll where Trump was beating Hillary nationally. I was awakened from my Trump slumber to the realisation that perhaps Trump may very well become the next US president, horrifying as it was.

So I've looked at this today and it's about the only way I can take Trump; via a comedy show. Evidently he's gotten in to bed with the NRA over there.  Started preaching their shit and making weirded out gun noises, like he's a kid playing "cowboys and Indians" in the old 1950's black and white dime a dozen things.

Specifically he wants to get rid of "No Gun Zones". Um.... We in Australia have a bit of trouble understanding what a "no gun zone" actually is, as our whole country is pretty much a no gun zone. Well at least in cities and towns. I don't even know about how it works in the bush and shooting animals.

But anyway, I've discovered a "no gun zone" in the US is like an area where no guns are allowed to be bought in. You know, I suppose like schools, libraries, Republican mass meetings, things like that. Well now Trump wants to make it illegal to have such no gun zones.