Thursday, 12 May 2016

Turnbull goes from single mum to mens only club for lunch - seriously!

Honestly, you just couldn't make this shit up. Turnbull is having a day of disaster today on the campaign trail.

First he has his name plastered everywhere after it being discovered on the Panama Papers. After bullshitting that it was all legit and he didn't know and did nothing wrong and knew nothing, he get clobbered by a very articulate single mum in Melbourne. There was more waffle to the mum and feigned "understanding" of her situation getting the schools kids bonus cut by his gov. Now, to complete the picture of a PM without balls and completely out of touch with modern Australia.....

*drum roll*

He attends a mens only club for a spot of lunch! This is manna from heaven for Labor I imagine.
BuzzFeed News has confirmed that prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has taken time out from campaigning to have lunch in Melbourne at the Athenaeum Club. 

For those not familiar with the club on Collins St in Melbourne, it’s described on its website as “a private social club for gentlemen of good character, attainment or promise”. 

Just gentlemen that is, because women cannot become members. Buzzfeed