Sunday, 15 May 2016

Main stream media picks up Duncan's suicide watch - blames us not media FFS :s

The MSM has picked up Duncan being on suicide watch, a full day and a half it broke on the Australian Independent Media site.  In the form of a story in the site Mamamia, followed by ninemsn posting it. However, the MSM has got it completely wrong in that they consider it's the fault of us the public, and not that bastard Murdoch and his band of ass-wipes.

Yes, he became the Murdoch straw man creation, so his corporate media machine could then chew him up and spit him out. Or as Mamamia put it, the "rag doll". But No, he's not our rag doll, he's the rag doll of those two assholes pictured above. We didn't dig up his past and paste it all over Murdoch's press, they did.
Storrar was, and still is, our rag-doll. 

One that we elevated with as much force as we sought to bring him down with. We lauded him as our national hero, raising over $60,000 for his future. 

And as fast as we did, we mercilessly dug up his past to damage him in a way money can't fix. ninemsn
However the article does finish on the right note I'm relieved to see, in saying that to question is an inherent right in a democracy. 
Storrar could be the drug-addled welfare recipient with a criminal past. 

And he also could be the devoted father who sought a better life for his kids. 

But at this point, both are irrelevant. Because regardless of status and race and gender and history, the right to question those above you should be inherent as it should encouraged. 

Wherever you stand, this time Storrar didn't commit a crime. He asked a question. And now he's on suicide watch because of it. ninemsn
To be chewed over by those more powerful above you is bullying and media thuggery, pure and simple.