Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Dopey Dutton demonises refugees for election (again) - illterate job stealers (video)

*Update: Julie Bishop backs Peter Dutton on 'illiterate' asylum seekers

*Update 2: Dutton's own dept refutes his claim that refugees take Australian jobs.

Just when you think that Dutton has absolutely scrapped the bottom of the Lieberal cesspool, he goes that little bit deeper.

Here on Sky he plays the fear/race card, albeit certainly hasn't got it anywhere near the art form Howard had it. Dutton simply comes out and says they're illiterate and they'll take your job.

I think desperation may well be entering Lieberal electioneering? Honestly, is this all they've got? Someone who's been traumatised, mentally ill, illiterate, and spat out from an Australian gulag (hopefully before they set fire to themselves), will then waltz into a job interview (unable to speak English) and get the job over 5 or ten other applicants? How can he say this shit with a straight fuckin face?

BTW just a note for Dutton to consider; nearly 30% of all Australians have been born over seas and migrated here. Including me I might add.