Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Depp dogs Barnyard Barnaby - "tomato crossbred" :)

Barnyard Barnaby, otherwise known as our now deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce, has come under somewhat sarcastic fire from Johnny Depp. Depp, obviously still smarting from the humiliation of being taken to court in Australia over our bio-security laws after his wife smuggled in two dogs undeclared, has said he thought Barnaby was a cross breed with a tomato.

Normally I would get my ire up about some yank having a go at Australia, but fortunately after Depp doggedness this is not the case. In fact I applaud Depp for taking to task our completely barnyard-ish and imbecilic deputy PM. 

Thank you Johnny for calling our Lieberal deputy pm a cross breed with a tomato. You have used your position well to declare thus :)