Thursday, 5 May 2016

Turnbull gov hasn't costed corporate tax cuts - Sky News interview :s

A simple question is asked of Turnbull a number of times, as to how much the corporate tax cuts will cost. All Turnbull does is waffle on about confusing monetary bla. 

It reminds me of Hewson's GST birthday cake interview that is pretty much credited for him losing the election to Paul Keating and Labor. Hewson was asked a simple question as to how much a birthday cake would cost under a GST. All he coulkd come out with was confusing monetary bla. Hewson's interview is below Turnbulls :)


The Prime Minister's interview with David Speers on Sky News was not a train wreck, but it went as close as you can to having one without an ambulance being called. 

Having announced a 10-year company tax cut plan as the key to secure prosperity, Turnbull should have been primed to answer the obvious question: how much will it cost? 

Speers posed the question no fewer than 14 times in the interview, but did not get one clear, concise answer, providing Labor with a potent attack line: that the Prime Minister had delivered a budget without revealing the cost of its centrepiece. Sydney Morning Herald   
So what now? We're supposed to just trust the Lieberals? *pfffft*