Friday, 6 May 2016

Turnbull's internet a flop - 3yrs & just 14% connected to it

There is widespread anger at the flop Turnbull's internet has become. We were promised by the then opposition that Turnbull's NBN would be "faster and cheaper", and that we'd all be connected by this year to it. Minimum speeds of 25Mbps were promised.

Today just 14% of premises are connected. 

Australia's internet speed has fallen from an abysmal 30th in the world to a mind numbing 60th. 

Instead of faster and cheaper, we've got slower and way more expensive. Along with a dithering rollout (akin to Turnbull's waffling) held back by having to buy copper to repair bits of the 100 year old phone system that the Turnbull internet relies on.

Turnbull is either one of two things: A two faced lying prick who weaseled and groped his way to power by any means, or an incompetent waffling baboon. Take your pick.

No doubt much community anger about this will be expressed at the polls. I certainly will be.

Even I in the middle of Sydney am still connected through the telephone exchange with no sign of anything like an NBN happening here anytime soon. Although the speed seems sort of OK at certain times of the day, at other times it slows down and there doesn't seem to be the bandwidth. 

For example, David uses Facebook. At about mid afternoon every day he can't connect to it, and that can go on for hours. Sometimes I can't connect to YouTube at all, despite everything else working. At times I've had to use a search engine other than Google as not even Google will connect. There's even periods where I can't even connect to this blog FFS, for hours at a time.

This from the pissed off petition to Turnbull people about his net flop, the petition currently at over 270,000 signatures. Via an update:
Malcolm Turnbull's NBN has been a flop – and I don't know about you, but we are so frustrated we still don't have decent internet in this country! 

You signed our massive petition 3 years ago to fight for fibre-to-the-home NBN. Now with the election nearing, it's time we ramp this campaign back up – and say loud and clear we're fed up with poor internet. 

Mr Turnbull's NBN has only been delivered to 14% of Australians, despite promises his would be "faster, cheaper". Instead, small businesses can't operate properly, young tech minds are leaving for overseas. 

We've just launched a new movement page for everyone who are starting petitions to their local MP. Check it out, and share it: 
We'll be in touch in coming days with more you can do to put the NBN on the election agenda! NBN Defenders