Tuesday, 24 May 2016

We "didn't need the speeds that Labor was promising" - Pyne on internet

In other words, as the heading states in the article, Pyne is saying Australians don't need fast internet. FFS.

So instead of 1Gbps, we're supposed to be happy with 25Mbps, because this "innovative" gov can't see past it's own nose let alone to the possibilities into the future for fast internet. Talk about dinosaurs.
In 2013, Labor's NBN promised download speeds of 1Gbps through an innovative fibre optics network linked directly to people's homes, on par with international standards. 

However, the Coalition's version which won't be completed until 2020 and will only provide download speeds of 25Mbps, well below the global average. 

Speaking in defence of the NBN, Mr Pyne said: "(Australians) simply didn't need the speeds that Labor was promising." ninemsn