Monday, 30 May 2016

"Gay encounters cause earthquakes" - Muslims; Ghana, Africa

More love from the religious..... in this case Muslims, from the same continent that has produced so called "cures" for HIV by chucking together a bunch of herbs.

In Ghana, Africa, there has evidently been a big religious crackdown on evil gays, with known gays going into hiding now. So much so that a holy war has been called against the dastardly gays there, with encouragement from Muslim leaders to drive them out. 

Needless to say you can imagine the rhetoric. I assume gays will be blamed for everything from a lack of rain to earthquakes. Earthquakes has definitely got a big mention in this story.
The Muslims, who predominantly populate the Zongos, perceive same-sex relationships as evil, since such relationships are abhorred by the teachings of the Holy Quran. 

Administering severe punishment to gays and lesbians is considered as a holy endeavor every Muslim should not shy away from undertaking. 

Speaking in an interview, a local cleric, Mallam Abass Mahmud, said “Allah gets annoyed when males engage in sexual encounter and such disgusting encounter causes earthquake”. 

According to him the destruction of the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah by Allah was as the result of homosexuality and he called for a holy war against gays and lesbians in the country, particularly in Muslim dominated suburbs. 

“Should we allow such a shame to continue in our communities against our holy teachings?” he asked. He answered that “certainly no,and we are very happy to chase away such idiots from our Zongo communities”. News Ghana
As usual, there's no science involved in religious assertions.