Monday, 30 May 2016

Clive goes rouge on Lieberals - tells of near Abbott punch up!

Clive Palmer isn't re-contesting his Queensland seat (which BTW has appeared to favour Labor and the Greens up there) and will exit parliament this election. However it looks like he's wanting to take a few Lieberals down with him :)

He's spilling the beans all over the place. Lieberal cesspool of secret money bla this and bla that. What I found most interesting though is the near punch up he had with Abbott back in 2012 when he got so pissed off with the Lieberals he left the party and started the Palmer United Party (since disbanded).

What transpired sounds typical Abbott:
Mr Palmer has also revealed more about his falling out with Tony Abbott in 2012, when he was still a member of the Liberal Party. 

The disagreement took place over drinks in Melbourne, when the two clashed over resolutions to restrict lobbyists in the Liberal Party. 

"I packed up my stuff and said to Tony Abbott that I had to leave to talk to some more important people than him and as I tried to leave the room he blocked my exit, gesturing with his hands in what I would say an aggressive manner, asking me to sit down and sort this out," he said. 

"I decided I should leave, so I went to leave and he stood and blocked my way. I then reminded him that he was quite a capable boxing champion as a bantam weight when he was at university, whereas I was a heavyweight and he should step aside, and he did. "

Peta Credlin was sitting there gasping in the corner." ABC   
Yes, it's hard to believe now. This thug was our prime minister. Those were very dark days for Australia. Let us remember and never return again to repeat those days.....