Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Religion can't justify discrimination - EU to US; International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

The European Union has, without reserve, condemned the US states of North Carolina and Mississippi for their new toilet laws that discriminate against the LGBT.

Deservedly so IMO. 

But they go even further, to state very clearly that religion is no excuse for discrimination. That all people should be considered equal.

What a pleasure it is to hear such a voice from the far side of the world saying such things. Is Europe now becoming the leader in human rights? Is the US disintegrating into a theocratic nightmare? Should we in Australia shun future US directives on human rights in the face of such theocratic discriminatory influence? Has the US already completely lost it's soft power as a good state?

Whether the US likes it or not, such questions are now coming to mind in the big wide world that exists outside it's borders. Sane people are asking themselves if the US is any sort of example at all now, given the latest obsession over finding their latest enemy; one within their own borders, their own population, and their own toilets. No longer the outside world enough, they have to conquer their own people now. In their toilets.

The stupidity is completely profound. How can any population claim to lead other nations, when they're too fearful to even take a piss? This whilst having a gun massacre per day is considered OK? What insanity.

We shake our heads in disbelief. Why are our politicians to super glued to this crazy fucked up demented nation? Why do we let them influence us so? When being their ally is so very counterproductive to us as a society?
The European Union has warned that North Carolina and Mississippi are violating a human rights treaty with anti-LGBT legislation. 

The two states have attracted scrutiny for passing laws rolling back vital LGBT anti-discrimination protections, ostensibly with the goal of stopping trans women from using men’s bathrooms. 

But the over-reaching laws have led to condemnation from across the world, with the UK government updating its own travel advice to warn LGBT people they may face discriminatory treatment in the states. 

In a statement posted this week, the European Union weighed into the row, suggesting the laws violate a human rights agreement. 

A spokesperson for the EU said: “The recently adopted laws including in the states of Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee, which discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex persons in the United States contravene the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which the US is a State party, and which states that the law shall prohibit any discrimination and guarantee to all persons equal and effective protection. 

“As a consequence, cultural, traditional or religious values cannot be invoked to justify any form of discrimination, including discrimination against LGBTI persons. Pink News