Saturday, 14 May 2016

Duncan Storrar on suicide watch - destroyed by Murdoch media

Thug Murdoch

The cesspool that is the Murdoch media has once again shown how ugly it is to Australians. However, what is usually expected of the gutter tabloids has gone beyond that and even surprised us, as to just how ferocious the media attacks have been. They have dug up his past from a decade and a half ago, issues from long ago that have long ago been dealt with. This they've done to a man who suffers from mental illness.

They have attacked him as a person, not the issues he raised. He's poor because he's a thug sort of bullshit. He pays no net tax, bla. In doing so they've shown their contempt for all people at the bottom, who struggle daily and weekly to get by, trying to play the hand they've been dealt. To treat one person like this, let alone a whole section of society, is completely immoral. And they accuse us of class warfare? WTF have they just done to our mate Duncan? 

And why? Simply because he dared to ask a question on national telly challenging the Lieberal narrative that the budget is fair. It's not. The poor will pay way more than the rich as a percentage of income from the Turnbull budget. Income where every cent counts. 

Is this supposed to be democracy? Where a poor person asks a question and cops the full force of a corporate media machine for doing so? Is this supposed to be a fair society? Is this Australia's version of a fair election?

Welcome to life with a Lieberal gov. 

Today our mate Duncan is on suicide watch, so affected by the viscous Murdoch attack of his person. My heart goes out to him. I've been there a few times myself in my life.
“I am friends with the Storrar family, they’re currently being hounded by media, and outsiders picking apart half truths and misconstruing versions of the truth. 

Yes Duncan has had a hard life, some of which are his own choices, some due to mental illness, and some due to circumstances that I won’t go into, however his poor elderly mother is at her wits end and extremely distressed, and Duncan is now under suicide watch. His poor mum can’t bare to lose another child – she’s already buried one son. 

This week, Duncan has been pushed to the brink of suicide. The character assassination needs to stop. 

It’s scaring me how much this is effecting the Storrar Family. And I hate seeing Duncan’s message to the politicians being lost by this witch hunt. 

Thank you again for trying to bring back the focus to the issues that Duncan raised, rather than crucifying his character like so many others are doing”. Australian Independent Media