Monday, 23 May 2016

Labor promises to scrap prescription increases from 2014 budget

The infamous 2014 budget

A lot of people may not realise, but part of making the budget look better for the Lieberals is to keep all the budget measures that have been rejected by the senate in the 2014 budget still on the books. In other words, the gov is hoping for a more friendly senate after this election so it can pass all those dreadful things stuck in the senate that Abbott wanted to pass.

One of those things is an increase to prescription medicines. Five dollars for wage earners and 80cents for pensioners and the like. 

Eighty cents may not sound like much, but try being on benefits. The point is that why should the sickest, poorest, and most vulnerable people carry the budget can whilst the Lieberals give a $50 billion tax cut to corporations? Piss off!

Why do they get it? Why don't we get it? 

In our case the money goes straight into the economy. By taking that money off us and putting it into gov coffers (I assume paying back the national debt .80cents at a time) it's taking it straight out of the economy.