Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Transgender confronts vile preacher in Target - video, US

If there was ever an example of christian hate towards the LGBT then this video is it. The guy wrongly claims that men are taking pictures of kids in Target toilets, and equates paedophilia with trangenderism and gays. Also that 90% of HIV infections are gay people, just totally wrong. He obviously never heard of Africa for example.

Honestly, what comes out of this guys mouth is just vile. You've got to wonder where somebody's head is to spout this revolting stuff.

He's escorted out by security, but not before a transgender person confronts him. 

I can't believe either the sheer arrogance of the preacher guy. "Don't touch me or I'll sue you". FFS the guy is saying all this stuff in front of all the customers in there, which I guess would include children. I'm sure parents shopping innocently in Target wouldn't want their kids to hear this.