Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Rising Aussie housing stress for the forgotten poor

A very rough calculation with us and it sounds about right. A study by the Salvation Army charity has found that people on benefits are living on an average of about $17 a day after paying housing costs. The reason for this is the increasing price of housing, causing in many cases extreme housing stress with many people paying more than 60% of their total income on housing.

Obviously we can relate. Currently we're at about 50% of our total income going on rent. However the rent is going up by $20 a week next month which will again push our rent payments to over 50% of our income. 

I was relating this to my psychologist the other day and he said that it was very common. We're certainly not alone in this. BTW, NSW dept of Housing says we can pay up to $415 a week before we might qualify to get on the priority housing list. So we're on the normal one waiting 10-15 years for our name to come up. Fucks sake.

Yes what an exciting time to have all those taxes I paid working full time for 30 years, slogging my ass off in factories before my body went south, to negative gear a property or two :s    FFS what a disgrace. A complete failure of gov to supply the most basic of needs to the people; a roof over our heads. All they want to supply is tax breaks for the landlords. My taxes that I paid through the nose, bringing up a daughter whilst caring for my chronically ill wife.

The $17 a day thing, as I said sounds about right on a rough calculation. David is enrolled to start uni in July and become a registered nurse, studying over 18 months as he's got many years experience already. He'll get a bit more money from Centrelink to study for books and all, so that extra doesn't really count. Poor guy it's been a long struggle after the discrimination episode, but that's another story......

My point here is that you don't wake up every morning and you have $17 to spend. It usually all goes in only a few days after the fortnightly payment. Groceries (Aldi of course) is a big one. Invariably we end up spending nearly an entire week sometimes without a cent to our names, despite everything being paid. 

Do poor people have the internet? ..... he he.....

The  main issue is housing stress. If we paid even only 40% of income in rent that would make a huge difference. These issues though are completely ignored by the Lieberals. It's like we don't even exist. No trickle down here folks!
The Salvation Army's Major Bruce Harmer said the findings painted a bleak picture for the estimated 2.5 million Australians who live in poverty. 

"The results of this extensive survey are utterly shameful," he said. "It shows the real level of struggle taking place in our 'lucky country'." 

The survey found respondents on any type of welfare benefit had an average of $16.96 a day to live on once they paid for accommodation. People on the Newstart Allowance were left with $15.29 a day after housing costs. 

More than two-thirds of respondents were in extreme housing stress, spending 62 per cent of their total income on accommodation. 

One in two respondents reported cutting back on basic necessities, with 43 per cent going without regular meals and one-third pawning belongings to cover living expenses. 

The report recommends all governments work together to devise a national strategy to address the increasing rates of inequality, with a focus on resolving the root causes of poverty. 

Captain Paul Moulds, who leads the Salvation Army's Auburn centre, has watched the growth in demand for assistance as welfare payments have not kept up with rising housing costs. 

"People are struggling to survive," he said. "It's becoming almost impossible for a large group of people to improve their circumstances. 

"This government keeps talking about jobs and growth but the problem is when you are living off such a small income, it's really hard to get yourself to a point where you are able to look for a job." Sydney Morning Herald