Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Firing squad for women and doctors who do abortions - US christian

This guy is so out there that normally I don't even bother to take notice. This time though he strikes a bit of a crossroads with slightly less radicals. In the video he asks pro-lifers to follow his bible babble logic, which I guess if they believe bible babble they may well see said logic as legit.

Anyway, it sort of goes like this. Abortion is murder. Murder needs to be punished. Bible says murder is punished by death. Kill the ladies who murdered their babies and the doctors who did it. 

Like I've said, normally these nuts wouldn't get a mention from me, but for the present political happenings in the US. The presidential race has seen Republican candidates speak at a christian conference about how to kill gay people. 

Is this where the US is heading now?