Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Serious Lieberal rumblings of an Abbott return if Turnbull loses - is Abbott a Rudd?

OMG the stupid hurts my head!

Believe it or not folks, that far right wing of the Lieberal party (better know as "the gov in exile") is now seriously considering the return of Tony Abbott to the Lieberal leadership if Turnbull loses to Labor this election.

The ramifications are mind boggling. Is Abbott now behind the scenes actively working against the Turnbull gov to achieve this goal? He despises the man. He feels robbed of his prime ministership which he still considers to be part of his "good gov". 

It appears the hard right is also as delusional as him.  I think it's some sort of mass psychosis personally. I dunno who the fuck they talk to or hang around, but they actually think Australia would want Abbott back as PM. Far out.

Particularly when the reason for Turnbull's present unpopularity is because his PM-ship is pretty much being run by the hard right of the party with all Abbott's policies. You could put anyone in the chair, but if the policies are a turd then Australians aren't going to like them.

Do they think we serfs like getting clobbered over the head continuously by the gov? Getting driven into the dirt so corporate Australia can have a $50billion tax cut? Do they think we don't worry about our health? That we want to see a minority discriminated against through marriage? That we want to see the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef and prime farmland for the sake of coal? That we want to lock kids and vulnerable innocents in offshore gulags? That we don't care about vulnerable people like Duncan Storrar?

Why would they think that? Do they think that Australians are all carbon copies of them? Bitter middle aged white Catholic men  yearning for the 1950"s? Who wouldn't know a thing about love or compassion, particularly to us mere pawns.

FFS these people are absolutely brain dead morons. So much so in fact they may become the first federal Australian gov in over 80 years to lose office after only one term.
Tony Abbott’s back, baby. 

Well, maybe not quite. Still, for the first time, a conservative pundit has touted an Abbott restoration as a more-or-less serious prospect. 

Last week, Troy Bramston outlined a potential pathway for Abbott’s return. If Malcolm Turnbull loses on 2 July – an outcome that, while still unlikely, seems more plausible with each passing day – he’ll be out on his ear. Who will succeed him? Bramston dismisses both Julie Bishop and Scott Morrison as unviable, and the rising crop of Liberal aspirants as raw and untested. 

That’s why, he says, amid the recriminations, it might be once more time for Tony. 

“[W]ith the party reeling from defeat and there being no obvious leadership successor,” Bramston argues, “all eyes will be on the re-elected member for Warringah.” 

Make of that what you will. 

But the speculation, in and of itself, draws attention to an astonishing transformation playing out before us, as a Labor-style civil war simmers in the Liberal ranks. The Guardian