Thursday, 5 May 2016

Turnbull's budget has Abbott written all over it - Greens

Hardly "innovative" or forward looking, this budget might as well have been written by Tony Abbott, and likely his hard right cohorts did write. Turnbull is still looking for his balls that he sacrificed to become PM.

From the email:
As promised, we’ve had a closer look at the budget papers overnight. This is a budget that Tony Abbott could get behind. Tony Abbott’s checklist: 

☑ Hands out billions in subsidies to the big polluters 

☑ Cuts funding to higher education by 20% 

☑ Slashes over $1 billion from clean energy 

☑ Throws almost $3 billion at prison camps on Manus Island and Nauru 

☑ Spends an extra $30 billion on defence hardware 

☑ Drives our foreign aid contribution to its lowest levels yet 

☑ And chucks big bucks at toll roads like Westconnex and Perth Freight Link 

If folks were hoping for something different from Malcolm Turnbull, then last night would have been a massive let down.