Monday, 9 May 2016

Turnbull calls election for July 2nd - waffles worse than a galah

In a long meaningless waffle Turnbull has done what everyone knew he was going to do; crap on about jobs and growth whilst calling the election for July 2nd.

Despite Australia going in completely the wrong direction for the last three years under the Abbott/Turnbull gov, Turnbull has also encouraged us to vote for the Lieberals to keep going in this direction. 

Claiming of course that we all have it wrong and haven't the faintest idea thinking that we actually aren't going in the right direction at all. I mean what must we be thinking when we're opposed to destroying the Great Barrier Reef? Putting a coal mine in prime NSW farmland? Telling the LGBT there's something wrong with them in a plebiscite? Locking up desperate people in offshore gulags and having them set themselves on fire? Destroying the renewables industry? Paying a wind farm commissioner $600k a year? Bombing Syria in another stupid western war? Destroying the car industry? etc etc etc...   You get the idea.....