Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Duncan Storrar toasting hero - gofundme page explodes with toast!

gofundme page
After our mate Duncan went on the telly on Monday and socked it to the so called Lieberal financial trickle down rocket scientists on Q&A, somebody started a gofundme page. 

The reason for this was that silly O'Dwyer Lieberal on the panel who expected our mate Duncan to be over the bloody moon that some cafe somewhere could buy a $6,000 toaster for itself. Hence the gofundme page to buy Duncan a $6,000 toaster.

As he struck such a nerve on the telly Monday, it appears now people are just wanting to give him a hand, and fuck that silly O'Dwyer and her inner city latte sipping crowd of wankers. Where one coffee probably costs half a family meal for Duncan's.

It's now up to $24,000 :)