Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Interactive map and community campaign against hospital cuts - GetUp

What an utterly outrageous plan. Over the next ten years the Lieberals plan to pull nearly a half $billion out of the Prince of Wales Hospital in eastern Sydney. Which just happens to be my local hospital. Which just happens to be (last I heard) the biggest hospital campus in Australia.

Readers here will know my experience with acute kidney failure the other year. It was that hospital's Emergency dept that I turned up to and that hospital that saved my life, and have been an integral part of my ongoing care and recovery. 

This part of the GetUp email:
It's the dead of night and you've just arrived at Prince of Wales Hospital. Your hands are shaking and your throat is thick because your son, daughter, parent, or partner is ill. But it's going to be ok – because soon you'll see a doctor. 

Now imagine an eight hour wait in the emergency room. And when a doctor finally gets to you, they're exhausted, pushed to their limit by punishing shifts in an underfunded hospital. 

This is the horrifying reality of the Turnbull Government's enormous funding cuts to our hospitals. Up to $449.2 million in federal funding ripped from Prince of Wales Hospital over the next decade.

But there's hope. We're headed into a razor tight election with health funding set to be a major battleground. And protecting our universal health system is polling as a key vote-changing issue.
There's an Australia wide interactive map here, (I succeeded in embedding it below) where you can view your local hospital and how much the Lieberals are going to rip out of it.  

You can then sign up to a local community run campaign here against these despicable cuts.

What complete assholes these Lieberals are.