Saturday, 21 May 2016

Labor's Penny Wong responds to explosive NBN leaks on gov - video

There's something very very fishy going on here. Every single bit of political commentary today has squarely pointed the finger at Turnbull. 

So, the feds raid a Labor politicians home in regards to leaks about the NBN, leaks that are likely to embarrass the Turnbull gov on the woeful state of the NBN; way behind schedule and cost blowouts. 

What's more an NBN employee attended the police raid, taking photos of politically sensitive material such as Labor's plans for the NBN going in to the election, and distributing them.

Labor is now demanding to know who were these pictures sent to, particularly if they are ministers of the Turnbull gov.

Of course Turnbull reckons he knew nothing about the raids, his assertion now being very much challenged by Labor.