Monday, 9 May 2016

Issues people are pissed off about - election 2016

My inbox has had rather a flood of emails about the election, each one highlighting stuff that people are pissed off about with this fucked up Lieberal gov. I'll summarise with links.

First is GetUp, which is pissed off with just about everything Lieberal. They want to run targeted adds online and things. You can donate to their election campaign here.

The organisation SumOfUs are against the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) which is still in danger of being ratified by Australia if the Lieberals have the numbers to do it. Donate to stop the TPP this election here.

Unions are organising a national telethon where union members call fellow union members to speak to them about issues on concern this election. You can bet that's not going to be a Lieberal love fest! You can volunteer to do a 2 hour shift on phones here. This will be at various centres across the country. 

The Australian Conservation Foundation wants you to pledge to vote for a candidate that will protect the Great Barrier Reef, our waterways and the environment. You can pledge to do so here

The Greens have an election donation page here

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition reminds you that's there's only 7 days to enroll to vote.

And of course Labor has it's election contribution page, along with a little video too.