Monday, 16 May 2016

Anti-gay priest sends nude pics to ex-student - Ireland

Fr Rory Coyle (right) anti-gay priest caught on Grindr
Another one bites the dust. Hypocrisy alert!

This time it's a Catholic priest in Ireland, Fr Rory Coyle (above), who set up a profile on Grindr along with (would you believe) his own phone number. 

Hooked up with some guy who turned out to be a former student at a school where he had been the school chaplain. The guy was over 18 by now and the priest didn't recognise him. Sent him nude pics of himself and told the guy all about his sex orgies all over the place.

The juiciest bit is the ex-student the priest was chasing sent an email about it all to a blog, which promptly posted it. Here it is. No punches pulled:
"I saw your blog post about Fr Rory Coyle. 

I can probably tell you why he vanished. 

He spoke to me on Grindr a few times and kept wanting to come to my mum's house for sex with me while she was at work. 

He sent me lots of naked pics of himself too. When I realised who he was I sent them to a journalist along with the screenshots of his sex chat. Then Fr Coyle's FB was locked up tight as a drum. I assume the journalist contacted the diocese about it cos the next thing Fr Coyle went to ground. 

He's a dirty bastard; orgies in Dublin, gay beaches in Portugal, renting rooms by the hour in Soho in London for sex meets. He told me all about it. He told me a whole lot more about his exploits but I didn't save it. He's a total pervert. 

He didn't realise I knew him cos he used to be the school chaplain at XX XXXXX in XXXXXXXXX when I used to go there. 

He's just a hypocrite. Denouncing gay people from the pulpit and then shagging guys when no one is looking. 

You can relax. I'm over 18 so at least he's not a paedo. lol. 

I'd love to know what actually happened if/when the diocese found out what he was up to. 

I guess we'll never know what goes on behind closed church doors, though clearly you're well connected enough to know that something was going on. Thinking Catholicism
 Indeed. Would've loved to have been a fly on the wall when he was found out by the church.