Saturday, 7 May 2016

The lying Turnbull - caught out by his own politics

I honestly don't know what possessed the man to be so idiotic.

Anyway, it turns out Turnbull knew all along how much the company tax cuts would cost, but he didn't want to let it out in case it helped in Labor's budget reply. Trying to be too clever, or politically astute, or some bloody thing.

However he didn't see what blind Freddy would've seen coming; namely that train wreck of an interview on Sky News where he refused to answer the simple and completely reasonable question of how much the tax cuts were going to cost over ten years. The result was that he became a laughing stock, with the incredible implication that the gov may have released a budget without the centrepiece of it being costed.

However Treasury has now said in senate estimates that the costings were released to the gov long ago.

Far out. 
There is only one conclusion to draw. The Prime Minister, the one who came to office promising a new era of honesty and transparency, was telling lies. The Treasurer, a Christian man who wears his religion on his sleeve was also complicit in the deception.

The last word goes to Lenore Taylor:

“The truth is, Labor is likely to properly fund its election promises because it knows they will have to be published and submitted for scrutiny under the charter of budget honesty.

And the Treasury is very likely to have properly costed the government’s tax cuts – with the government only refusing to release the numbers in the interests of a good pre-election black hole skirmish.

But it has been too tricky by half. Its black hole attack has boomeranged back”.
 The AIM