Saturday, 21 May 2016

12Mbps "enough" speed for everything - Turnbull 2010

With the Turnbull internet disaster continuing to unfold in Australia, I've come across this article from 2010. In it Turnbull announces to all that 12Mbps is enough speed to run all programs. Where he got this figure is beyond me.

Although still without the NBN where we are, we regularly get 12Mbps and higher speeds through the ADSL connection. The problem is that despite said speed, there are hours on end where certain sites just won't load. I assume it's to do with bandwidth or signal quality? I dunno, but the issue appears to be far more complicated than simply claiming that 12Mbps is fine. 

And I'm not talking about some alternative out of the way sites either. Facebook, Youtube, this blog, even Google itself, have all had turns at not working. *pfffft* 
Shadow communications minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has claimed a 12 megabits per second (Mbps) connection to the home is enough for anybody, with no applications existing today that require additional bandwidth. 

“For most, if not all applications, much lower speeds are perfectly [fine],” he said. 

“If you could deliver nationwide 12Mbps at relatively modest cost compared to the NBN, what is the additional utility/value of going from 12 [Mpbs] to 100 [Mbps]. 

“People in the industry will tell you that they cannot get people to pay a significant premium for an increase in speed. That is partly because, that for a residential user, there isn’t much, if anything, you can do with 100 [Mbps] that you can’t do with 12 [Mbps].” 

Turnbull could not confirm how long a 12Mbps network would last before applications demanded higher bandwidth. Computerworld, 2010