Sunday, 15 May 2016

Suspend News Corp from election time publishing - petition!

This recently started petition (from a Jacob Lorenzo) is getting a lot of signatures in a short time. Directed to the Press Council and the Australian Communications and Media Authority, it demands that News Corp should be suspended from publishing during the election campaign.

I doubt it will ever happen, but it is actually quite pleasing just to take the action to sign such a thing.

I honestly don't know how a "news" outlet so completely and unashamedly biased is able to operate in a so called democracy. What happened to Duncan was obscene. He dared to raise the issue about tax and fairness, and they chose to attack him as a person. Going so far as to erect him as their straw man in the image they created for him with all their media resources, just so they could throw rocks at him and bring him down.

Whilst Murdoch pays no tax, they get the serfs squabbling over the crumbs. Even get them to buy their papers to indoctrinate themselves with their media massage. This isn't democracy, it's thuggery  by the powerful over the weak. Mob rule by media.
Duncan Storrar is an Australian pensioner who has a disability and mental illness. When Duncan asked a question on Q&A on Monday about tax cuts his question made him a hero among middle and low income earners but an enemy among big business and the media. News Corp started numerous scare campaigns against Duncan, vilifying him and making accusations without any evidence to back them up. Duncan is now on suicide watch. This sort of news reporting is unacceptable and I will not tolerate it. I am referring this to the Australian Communication and Media Authority and the Australian Press Council. All of News Corp must be suspended to teach them a lesson. Help support me in getting the Press Council and the ACMA to force News Corp to stop publishing news for the rest of election by signing my petition. Bark at the moon here.