Friday, 13 May 2016

The demonisation of Duncan Storrar by the right - ABC radio vs Herald Sun

Herald Sun story about Duncan, behind their paywall

An ABC radio show shines the light on the way the homeless and the poor are demonised by the editor of the Herald Sun. Particularly Duncan Storrar, which the paper went back 15 years and dredged up his criminal record. Being that he has one itself means he's already paid the price and been punished for it.

Our mate Duncan is like the rest of us. Given a tough hand dealt, people make mistakes. Everyone does. Everyone is human, rich or poor. Why do the rich feel like the poor should be punished for their mistakes? Because they're poor? 

FFS give the guy a break. Not all of us have had the fortune of wealth and privilege growing up? How many of us have struggled through life dealing with shit? I know I have. On top of things can be poverty, homelessness, anything but fairness. The truth is you can't change the cards you're dealt, you just have to play them. And learn how to play them along the way.

This interview is just a pleasure to listen to. The public broadcaster, not beholden to advertisers, takes to task gutter journalism by the right :)


In a week in which we have the joyful collision of a budget sell and an election campaign, the narrative of lifters and leaners has returned. And just as when it was spruiked by Joe Hockey, it’s once again about undermining the voice of the poorest in order to reduce welfare spending and lower taxes for the wealthy. The Guardian  

How To Be Poor And Not Piss Off Those In Power