Friday, 14 December 2012

A big doctors visit

It was a bit lengthy this time as I had a few things to see to. 

It was all fine with the resistance test that he'd done last month, in regards to HIV meds. He's chosen a simple combination treatment of two drugs. Maraviroc, which is one morning and night 12 hours apart, and Kivexa which is just one tablet in the morning. Will go and pick up the prescriptions today at the Albion St pharmacy, had had enough of doing doctor things yesterday so will do it today. 

One of them can cause an allergic reaction, but he said for people that get that there's a genetic marker that they have, which I don't, so he doesn't expect any reactions this time. Have to get a blood test in a month to see how it's all going.

He asked if I was ready to go on medication, which I am after a lot of thought. Said I was going to have to sooner or later and I was sick of worrying about it every three monthly test; if this was going to be the result where it all turns to shit.

Then David wanted me to get a test done for STD's, which I go back Tuesday for those results. Told the doc I had a new boyfriend and we're doing the standard procedure thing.

I also asked about this bloody dental thing to confirm that I have to go to the dental hospital now, which was yes I do. They may be starting the scheme up again in 2014 with a reduced amount of people able to qualify for it. But until then if there's any problems it's the public dental hospital in the city.

I also asked about the happy pills as they're affecting my, um, ability to keep up with David *blushes*. Well you do have to think about these things you know. David is versatile and all but it can be a bit limiting if I'm all done in. So anyway he gave me a prescription for Cialis 20mg tablets. Unfortunately they're not on the PBS so whatever the price is the gov pays nothing. About $60-70 or so. I suppose the gov doesn't want to be seen subsidising sex or some shit, I reckon it'd be good though. What an election winner; subsidised sex pills for all! Doc also gave me a sample pack to try, very nice of him. Only 5mg though.

David had his follow up appt too yesterday for his 3 monthly bloods. Surprisingly his viral load he tells me was up and he'd become detectable again (only just though). He's been saying he's missed the odd tablet a couple of days, so I guess that's why. I shall have to remind him of the importance of his drug regimen, but then again I don't need to. If anyone would know he would, being a nurse.