Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Union int. day of action against DHL

The Transport Workers Union here is taking part in an international day of action against the multi-national company DHL today. This is part of their email to me:
Over the past year, 22 workers at DHL in Turkey have been fired simply because they joined a union and began organising for better conditions and safety standards on the job.

That’s 22 families who are struggling to pay bills and provide for their families in these tough economic times just because they were exercising rights that are backed by international law. It’s just not right.

Sacked workers are standing on the picket line right now and they need your help.

Will you send a message to DHL management and show them that you stand up for the rights of DHL workers to organise?

Today union members and supporters from around the world are sending messages to DHL management as part of an international day of action against the company’s anti-union agenda.
Your message will help show DHL management that intimidation and bullying tactics in the workplace will not be accepted by people all over the world.
Joining a union/freedom of association is a fundamental human right. There's no excuse for a large company like DHL to encroach on that right, wherever it is in the world. I'm certainly signing the letter, as DHL needs to be sent a strong message that unions across the globe object to their violation of human rights. Sign here. And here's the letter reproduced below: 
Dear Mr Tony Boll, 

DHL workers deserve the same basic rights as their colleagues here in Australia. 

I'm writing to this letter to condemn, in the strongest terms, DHL Turkey's active obstruction of a worker's right to join a union free from intimidation or dismissal and to call on you to contact your colleagues at DP-DHL and demand that they reinstate the dismissed workers and allow workers to exercise their right to organise, in line with ILO convention 87, as well as your own Corporate Responsibility (CR) policies. 

On 12/12/12, workers, unions and community supports around the world are standing up for the rights of Turkish DHL workers who have been unlawfully sacked by Deutsche Post DHL for exercising their democratic right to join a union. 

It's time for DHL workers in Turkey to get the basic rights and respect that they deserve! 


Your name and email will be automatically included in your message. 
Sign here.

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