Friday, 7 December 2012

He's got my heart

I met David at the pub today, he was late getting there and I was using the time to casually drink beer. He's out tonight at his work Christmas party, but was coming for a couple with me before travelling there. One of the blokes in the pub came over to me before David arrived, and made a point of telling me that he was very nice and all and liked it that we were getting together. I said that we'd only met a few weeks back not wanting a relationship, but we had to re-define the relationship after the first fuckin week man. He reckoned, well it just happens sometime like that. And really, fuck, Simon and I got together in a sex club, I'm certainly open to getting together via a chance meeting at the pub.

Got home after the pub and sent David the message; "You've got my heart". He rang and we joked about it, but apparently I've got his heart too. Um...... we'll see.