Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Unions pressuring Abbott re manufacturing

Email today from my union, the AMWU. They're asking people to send a letter to Tony Abbott asking him exactly what the Coalitions policies are regarding our car industry.
Can do it this site:

The guy deserves to be put under pressure with this. Here is the letter to add your name to:

Dear Tony Abbott and Sophie Mirabella,

I am concerned about Australia’s car industry.

The auto industry is at the heart of our manufacturing sector, and provides over 200,000 jobs.

Given the head of GM Holden Mike Devereux's recent comments that "2013 will be the year that Australia decides whether it wants a car industry or not", I would like to know what Liberal Party’s policy is regarding our car industry.

What is your policy to protect these jobs, and the skills and innovation that come with them in light of the pressures our car industry currently faces.

These jobs are important to me, so I am keen to know what your policies are in terms of ensuring this industry stays strong.

Are you committed to government co-investment and will you commit to at least maintaining the current levels of funding to the industry?

What is your position on encouraging all Australian governments to buy Australian cars for their local fleets?

In the last ten years the percentage of Australian made cars in state, federal and local governments have dropped from 66 per cent to 33 per cent, and that’s not good enough.

Will you bring about policies that encourage and compel local fleets to be Australian made, or do you agree with Mr Hockey that Australians don’t like Australian cars?

If you were elected Prime Minister, what would you do specifically to support the local car industry?

Or will you simply leave the industry to the whims of the market, while other car manufacturing countries continue to provide support for their car industries?

I look forward to your correspondence.

Kind regards,