Thursday, 20 December 2012

HIV meds, day 5

Today I made sure I took the Maxalon tablet along with the morning pills, and it does appear to have made quite a difference in the nausea. Still feeling a bit queasy but nothing too bad. I hope the settling in period doesn't last too long as I don't like having to take a pill just to not feel like vomiting. Somebody told me it can last up to a month, fuck I hope I don't have to deal with a months worth of it.

Other than that there doesn't look like there's any major issues. Still feeling sort of out of it and somewhat detached, hasn't lessened at all over the last few days. Maybe even gotten a bit stronger, hard to say as I'm (obviously) so close to the situation. But anyway it's no biggie, not like I'm tripping out or anything. Just buzzing a bit is all. Suppose I should just relax and enjoy it while it lasts.

Just a little note BTW, the Cialis that the doctor prescribed works marvellously, much better than Viagra. It can last for about 24 hours the doc said, and I've not had any of the painful stomach indigestion that Viagra has given me. It's not a magic cure, as you have to be turned on for it to work, which isn't hard with David. 

It was very expensive though I thought. I didn't shop around at all and just walked into the nearest chemist where I was at, and it was $75 and only 4 tablets! WTF? They're 20mg's though so the do work very well, but fuck that's a lot of $. Not on the PBS and is a "private" prescription. I got repeats so I guess will try the cheaper chemists around the place. Even though the expense I'd still recommend it.

David stayed at mine last night, not working until Sunday again. We spent some time whilst he searched YouTube for the songs he likes as I had the PC plugged into everything. Am getting quite a group of new songs together now. Like I said we both have similar tastes in music, and it's interesting to see the different songs that he finds meaning in.