Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Save the Reef - Greenpeace

Greenpeace is emailing asking to sign an urgent letter to send to Tony Burke, the federal environment minister. He is attending a meeting in Brisbane soon to make decisions about massive expansions to coal mining up there. These would include dredging the Great Barrier Reef to give access to shipping, nine proposed new coal terminals, and of course huge increases in shipping and all the dangers that entails to the Reef. The new Queensland gov up there doesn't appear to give a shit about the environment.

You can send a letter to Tony Burke from yourself here. It reads as follows (but you can use your own words if you like).
Dear Minister Burke,

You have pledged to protect the Great Barrier Reef, but so far you have not kept your word.

Despite a clear request from the UNESCO World Heritage Committee not to permit development that will impact on the Reef’s outstanding universal value, you have approved a new coal terminal at Abbot Point, accepted an application to duplicate the shipping channel in Gladstone, which means more dredging, and failed to reject proposals for coal terminals in Keppel Bay and on Cape York.

I am writing to express my anger and disappointment that you continue to allow our Reef to be threatened by reckless industrialisation.

Its fate is in your hands.

On 1 February when you report back to UNESCO, for the sake of the Great Barrier Reef, I am asking you to fulfil the requests of the World Heritage Committee and

• not permit new development that would impact on the outstanding universal value of the Reef

• reverse the flawed decision to approve terminal 3 in Abbot Point

• stop the destructive dredging of another shipping channel and commission an independent review of the management of Gladstone Harbour

The decisions you take now will echo for generations to come. Please be true to your word and protect the Great Barrier Reef against short-term excess. The world is watching. 


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