Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Psychologist visit

The psychologist appt went very smoothly yesterday. 

I told him about David and what was happening with Simon. He agreed that three years was more than enough time for Simon to come out with the "love you deeply" statement. I thought myself that it was a little bit strange that after 3 years knowing each other and all, that he said that only after I told him what was happening with David.

The psychologist has been seeing me since 2009 when I nearly topped myself. He's been there through the train wreck when it was at it's crescendo and seemed it was never going to stop. He even said to me a couple of times that he just couldn't believe how such bad things kept happening to me. So he was surprised and very happy for me when I told him about David.

At one point I joked, "Lucky I didn't kill myself". He really appreciated that. 

Finished the appt early as I didn't feel like being there anymore and there didn't seem to be anything more to talk about.