Saturday, 8 December 2012

NASA satelite - Australia at night

This is so cool. Nasa has gone about releasing a video put together somehow by their video gurus, showing the entire planet of earth at night. Of course though darlings the northern hemisphere is all a bit boring for me, being as it's way out of reach for me. But I was really amazed by the pictures of Australia. I saved a snip of part of the video:

You can see (starting from the far right of Australia and going clockwise) the cities of Brisbane, Sydney (me, me, me!), Melbourne on the bottom, next Adelaide, and way over west on the coast is Perth (three time zones from Sydney). 

But what I thought was so amazing is the bright lights in the middle of the western desert. They're bush fires (wild fires). As there's nobody much there I suppose they just let them burn themselves out. Fires get started in the wild by lightning, and they're a big part of the ecosystem here. Aboriginals know a lot more about fire than us non-indigenous and know how to use it for the land.

Here's the video I saw in the news, it's the only one I could find on YouTube of it. It's just a short thing, looks like a report about it rather than the actual video. Here's the link to the story.