Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Stomach better

My stomach is much better today, after yesterday's sudden onset of pains. Man that was so bad, and I dunno WTF caused it. I did feel somewhat better after the meal I had. Today it's just about gone as quick as it came. Have been using the Eno after meals and that's probably been a part of settling the stomach right down.

What made it so bad were the pains going through to my back from it. It's still a bit sore today behind my shoulders, the muscles back there that used to hurt all the time at work. Might bring it up at the doctors later this week. Gonna need something stronger than just Panadol if this is gonna keep happening.

Nearly don't take any painkillers at all now. Can't believe how many I was going through on a daily basis when I was working, just to get through the day. Maybe I could've been more honest with myself about my actual capacity for work, but oh well it's done now.