Sunday, 9 December 2012

Kangaroo exports to Russia

I didn't know this, but Russia has been a huge importer of kangaroo meat. Well until 4 years ago when they banned citing concerns over the meat being infected with some parasite. It has kicked the industry in the guts here losing such a big export as that, but now the Russian inspectors have come and examined the Macro Meats processes and have agreed for that company to start exporting to Russia again.

Macro Meats is the brand that's at the local supermarket here and which I often buy. Am surprised Russia is the biggest export destination, how did that happen? For me it's very healthy meat, you can check it out at the Macro Meats site.
Australia's largest kangaroo meat supplier has been given permission to resume exports to Russian after a four-year ban. 

About four years ago, Russia cited high levels of bacterial contamination as the reason for a temporary ban on kangaroo meat imports from Australia. 

Now Adelaide-based processor Macro has been given permission to resume exports by the Russian quarantine authority. more

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