Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas with David

Went to David's after his work yesterday. Got on the bus and after only a few stops realised I'd forgotten the beer at home so had to get off, go home on another bus to get it, and start the trip all over again. Fuck, will forget my own head one day. It sucks on Christmas day as you can't get beer anywhere. Thank you all those Christians here who invented the crazy no alcohol buying on the day. It was particularly annoying yesterday.

Actually, wouldn't have wanted to go to the pub anyway I don't think. It pissed down with rain all day in Sydney, and cold. I've never seen such a cold December day in Sydney, was like winter (well for here). Wettest Christmas day in 70 years.

Got to David's and shortly later went to his friends round the corner for a bit, then back home to his. He's not into Christmas at all either. Works through the whole holiday and earns himself lots of money. He did make an effort to make the evening pleasant for me though as I'd said that for myself it's a day of enduring bad memories. He's working again today so it wasn't a late night, but he did accomplish making the time very pleasant :)  We had an early night.......

Today is the start of the post Christmas sales, where all the retailers try to flog off all the shit they bought to try and sell for Christmas shoppers. Simon has roped me into holding his hand whilst he buys a PC. Looked online and he should be able to get something pretty good for about $300-400. He only wants it for email and nothing spectacular. Ugh, not looking forward to the bloody shopping centre though. I absolutely hate shopping.