Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The David and Simon issue

Simon and I have been emailing back and forth about the David development. I was surprised at his language for a bit as he seemed to go through a sudden realisation that he was "deeply in love" with me. It certainly made the situation awkward to say the least. But I explained to him again that the way it all worked out was nobodies fault, including him. He was blaming himself for not saying this or realising it earlier, but that wasn't the issue. The issue was how he just couldn't understand everything involved being HIV+ and having all the mental catastrophes that I do, which again was nobodies fault. 

In the end he asked me about David and I told him a few more things about him. Simon guessed by some "vibes" that he was a bit younger than me. Pretty viby man, as I replied "yes he's 44". Also mentioned he was HIV+ and had been through the wringer like me in life. Related how we didn't want to talk about that now either of us as it's too painful to go back there like that and tell a whole story. Simon was really happy for me after that and said we deserved each other, and that he wanted to meet him if it was possible.

I asked David and he's very happy to do so. Simon is down on the 21st, on his way to his daughter's wedding on some far off South Pacific island. He was going to stop by for coffee at mine, so as it's David's day off it should be easy to arrange for them to meet. 

I think they'd get on very well. I'm so pleased this is all working out OK. I felt terrible when Simon was saying all that about loving me and all, but it looks like he's coming good about it. Am a bit nervous about the meeting, but they're both two mature grown ups and could both talk under water.