Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas day, HIV meds day 10

The dreaded day has arrived again; Christmas. Actually it's crept up on me this year. In the past I've gone through a rather depressive state in the lead up to it but that didn't happen this year, probably because it hasn't been on my mind after meeting David recently. This year all of a sudden it's Christmas day.

Still feels a bit like a funeral though. For me it's a day of reflection and having to face the horrible memories that it inevitably brings back. All I want right now is for the day to be over, but it's not.

Daughter is going to her friends place for the afternoon, they're having some barbecue or something. She invited me to go but am not into it, happier just staying home on my own for a bit. David is working today earning mega-bucks on a public holiday (double time and a half) but he wanted me to go round to his place after his work. Yes I think I'll be into that one! 

Can't go to the pub as it's not open today; apparently drinking today is un-Christian. So I bought a 6 pack yesterday to take round to David's. After all, I'm assuming all these Christians who want the pubs shut on Christmas day will themselves be getting sloshed around the Christmas table. Likely leading into some big drunken family argument.

Last couple of days the nausea has been a bit less from the HIV pills. Still feeling queasy and still taking the Maxalon though. Also decided to have the Eno in the morning just after taking the pills to settle my stomach. Today I've actually been able to have an early cup of coffee in the morning. Although it seems to accelerate something and makes me feel a bit vacant again. I dunno. At least I'm not dry retching left right and centre like a few days ago. 

Have developed a bit of an aversion to taking these pills now. This morning I was dreading it, had to force myself. Hope that feeling passes when I get more used to them. It's very predictable. About 15 minutes after taking them I start feeling crap. I think it must be the orange one doing it as the blue ones I take one of them at night as well as in the morning, but don't feel at all like I do in the mornings when taking the orange one as well.

So anyway still no back pain from kidney's packing up, and evidently my heart continues to beat. Mind you is only a week and a half. But again, am still dealing with the nervousness attached to taking these ones after the disaster of my first two goes.