Thursday, 27 December 2012

Boxing Day sales in the city

Had to go shopping in the city yesterday for Simon's computer. Fuck, I dunno why the city was the only place open, as there was a bazillion people there. We went to JB Hi Fi and they had some very good specials there. Saw one ideal for an entry level PC for Simon and had to wait so bloody long to get served. It was a good deal though, a larger PC with a DVD drive built in and a normal sized keyboard, along with a wireless mouse to plug into it, for $390. Should be well suited for his needs. He can get connected out there through his phone company that he has an plan with for his mobile phone.

So we got that and then he wanted to look at TV shows on DVD. I was starting to get really over it all but we looked at the DVD shows. I ended up getting season 6 of Star Trek Next Generation for $25. After that I was well and truly over it, but then he wanted to go to another store to look for jeans. I suggested I just leave him to it and I make my escape, but he didn't want me to. 

So we're wandering around this store not finding anything with people everywhere, when Simon gets pushed into quite heavily by a monstrous pram the size of a small car. He tells the guy to watch where he's going, who then takes exception to it and tells Simon to get out of the way "old man". At this point David had rung and I was chatting to him on my phone and wasn't watching when the guy actually pushed Simon, but the attitude itself of the guy was enough for me to respond.

I called him a fuckwit.

He leaves the pram, comes over to me close up, and looks like he's about to throw a punch (yes darlings, he was a major fuckwit this one). This was in the middle of a bloody shop FFS. I boom out to him "Don't do it". He looks surprised at the intensity of my voice, and I think maybe the look in my eyes that says I'm a bit nuts and not firing on all cylinders. He backs right off and starts accusing us of the dreaded "poofter" thing and to "go back to Oxford St" (actually the shop itself wasn't that far from Oxford st) as he goes back to his pram and walks off. I call out "What are you in the closet?" His wife turns and looks at me, and I see she's wearing a head scarf and they're Muslims. Well, I thought, what another fine representation of religious intolerance.

Meanwhile all this David hears on the phone. I explain to him what just happened, and make a comment about my booming voice "Don't do it". I say to David, "That was very manly wasn't it darling, did you like that?", ha ha ha.....

So that was our shopping excursion into the legendary boxing day sales in the city. Dare say I won't be doing that one ever again. But Simon got his PC at a good price which was what he wanted. After that we actually did go back to Oxford St, and had a beer or two at The Oxford Hotel, calming down and laughing about the earlier incident.