Saturday, 29 December 2012

HIV meds, day 14

Two weeks now since I've started HIV pills. I'd have to say that so far it's not been easy and a certain amount of determination has been required to keep taking them. The nausea has been extreme, which has probably been the hardest thing to deal with. It's been helping some to take Maxalon and Eno to settle down the dry retching in the mornings.

Also, I have to take the HIV pills morning and night. This has caused some stress as I have to remember to take my pills with me to the pub or David's house in case I stay the night. There has been occasions where I've had to rush home in the morning as I only took the night one with me. Being as taking HIV pills on time is hugely important, I started carrying around a little pill container with me.

It was a bit bigger than that with 4 compartments, but I preferred chopping it in half as two was enough. I put the three HIV ones in the right and my happy pills and blood pressure in the other, along with a Maxalon at the moment. It's small enough to fit in my pocket without noticing it but big enough for a whole days pills.

Today I'm not feeling so bad. Have even managed to eat something, some blueberries. Have been so bad in the mornings haven't had hardly anything till after lunch. Maybe I've started turning the corner on this now?