Thursday, 13 December 2012

Sex in the city

Have spent about a week I think sleeping at David's place. Wasn't meaning to stay there all through his working week but it just happened. We'd have a few drinks at the pub and end up not wanting to spend the night without each other. Meanwhile David's going to work through all this, the last day he got up for work and was exhausted, really felt for him as I know what that's like. It appears we've succeeded in wearing each other out. 

Texted my daughter:

  • Home soon (me)
  • Okay (her)
  • gotta get some sleep, both of us (me).
I've come home tonight and he's having a quiet night to relax.  
He lives in central Sydney, only a 5 minute walk from a number of gay pubs. It's so convenient. Go for some beers and a meal and home to his for the night. Rent is astronomical of course. They're paying double my rent him and his flatmate. It's silly as we're only about a 20 minute bus trip from there. 

But anyway he's recently moved to the city from outer Sydney to find someone (sly prick, he got me) and is very attractive to a lot of guys in the pub. Been gay from a young age, knows all about the scene and all. It's completely different than the sort of thing with Simon in Lightning Ridge; not better but different.

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