Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Emergency bed

David and I decided to try again for a night sleeping, apart, at each others places. We were um, in the middle of another heated session and when it looked like it was going to go on and then the inevitable me staying over, I decided to suggest we stick to trying to sleep the night and I go home and we can carry this on later. We both agreed and he rang me when I was home saying he was off to bed. He's been working on top of all this sex and the poor dear is exhausted, not to mention me as well being a bit older. Fuck yesterday I spent half of it in bed drifting in and out of sleep, so tired. Oh the hazards of bonking with HIV!

Then about half an hour later he rings again. Him and his flatmate have had an enormous argument about his flatmate not doing his share of the household cleaning, leaving parts of it in rather a decrepit state. His flatmate, strangely for me, is his ex partner. I dunno how that all happened, none of my business. But anyway, it turned into a massive bitch session and his ex bought up something from his childhood just to be vindictive. When David told me on the phone what he said I was dumbfounded, it should be something completely off limits. Needless to say David was very hurt and just wanting to get out of there.

So he spent the night round here, I said that's fine whenever you want an emergency bed here it is :)  My bed's more comfortable than his anyway, it's got a sheepskin underlay for my back, very soft and relaxing. After arriving he just lay on the bed for a bit looking sort of shocked, don't blame him. Hugged him and he was crying, tired of dealing with it all. Told him I knew exactly how he felt and he's here now and safe for the night. We both slept well holding each other, me him especially.