Saturday, 15 December 2012

Starting HIV meds tomorrow

Third time lucky?  I say that as this will be the third lot of HIV meds that I'll have taken. The first two lots being somewhat of a disaster. The first was Virumune and Trivada, the Trivada mixing with Naproxen somehow and causing an allergic reaction/acute kidney failure (nearly carked it). Kaletra was the next one straight after that which they think now is likely the cause of my heart nearly stopping and me getting pneumonia and lack of oxygen throughout the body (also nearly carked it). 

It's been two full years this month since the last prescription of Virimune and Travada, and nearly two years since I've taken any HIV meds at all. It's given time for kidney recovery and a number of changes in accordance with the new realities of my health.

And so now this is the new and improved third time lucky anti-retroviral combination thereapy:

I hope I have better luck with these ones. The pharmacy told me that the Kivexa is the one that acts similar to the Trivada but is much easier on the kidneys. It also is the one that you can be allergic to but they test for a genetic marker first, which I don't have. 

Fingers crossed.

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