Monday, 31 December 2012

New years eve

A quiet day before a new years party tonight. It's been years since I've bothered going to any sort of new years party. Have never been and watched the fireworks over the harbour as it's pretty hard to get home when there's about a million people lining the foreshore. 

This year though a friend of David's who lives in a high rise near the harbour contacted him to come to a party he's having there, with views all looking out to the bridge and opera house. So there you go, we'll be having a good view of the fireworks tonight. Should be great. I've only ever seen the Sydney fireworks on the telly.

It got so bad with the crowds a few years back that they came up with the idea to have an earlier fireworks at 9pm for the kids as it was too much for them staying up till midnight and all the drama of getting home in the crowds. We're going to walk down to David's friends place from his though, so we won't have any worries with public transport. I suppose will take the camera, although I dunno if fireworks will work OK in pictures.