Tuesday, 18 December 2012

HIV meds, day 3

I forgot how strong HIV meds are. It's only early and am told it will pass, but am feeling quite nauseous. Nearly threw up the tablets this morning only 15 minutes after taking them. Seeing doctor today so will mention to him how sick I'm feeling, maybe he can give me something for it. Looks like it's mainly in the morning, don't want to eat anything until at least midday.

Also seem a bit out of it at times. Sort of detached. I think maybe the best way to describe it is feeling numb. 

Well, my kidney's haven't bitten the dust yet and my heart's still beating! Early days though. Have to get a blood test in a month to check on everything.

The cost of the meds was really low. $5.80 each pill, for two months supply. Total of $11.60. They gave me only a month to start off with in case something has to change, but when I go back to the pharmacy in a month they'll owe me the next month as I've already paid for it.